Welcome to a little snippet of my life and times. Quickie fact sheet:

  • My name is Jordan
  • I am a self-titled cowgirl/makeup-loving/laid-back/optimistic gal from the State where the wheat waves
  • I love food, wine, dancing, fashion, makeup, writing, reading, adventure, puppies and traveling
  • I am one of 5 girls (yes… all girls)
  • I have about 4 completely unrelated jobs that I have somehow merged into one big happy lifestyle
  • I cry in sad movies and secretly love cheesy “happily ever after” movies
  • I love antique books
  • One of my jobs is sending food to third world countries… and I never tire of it
  • I live in the Sunshine State
  • Shoes, shoes and more shoes
  • I am obsessed with lip balms of all sorts
  • I communicate well through writing- thus the blog
  • I love Jesus with all of my heart
  • My childhood aspiration was to be a Rock Star- it’s on tape, honestly
  • I love photography and try to take pictures of things that have meaning in my life
  • I have a thing for Pumpkin candles and I get high off the fumes of the reed diffusers in my bathroom
  • I love musicals and have a deep desire to be in one someday
  • Singing makes me happy
  • I believe life is what you make of it- so make the best
In my twenty some-odd years of life I have had good times and bad, funny times and sad… but I believe in happiness and true love and no matter what I am an eternal optimist. I think laughter is what keeps us young at heart and I try to keep myself laughing as often as possible. This blog is “a day in the life” of a brunette girl with a caffeine addiction and happy heart. I hope you will enjoy the little things in life with me as I share about my experiences in whatever it is I am doing at the moment.
Live. Laugh. Love.