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One of the most incredible experiences of my life was 3 days I spent in the African wilderness on a Safari. It’s something that I will try and coerce people into doing for the rest of my life. I will try to do it justice, but it’s just something that words cannot truly express the beauty and mystery of.

November 2010, we (our team of people) are in Nairobi, Kenya for work. After a draining week of meetings and whatnot, the time has come for the Safari that I have had planned 6 months in advance. You think i’m just a tad excited??

We have to fly a small, somewhat questionable aircraft to the campsite. Luckily it’s only about an hour. We’re here!!!!!! 

Upon landing we are greeted by Robert, our vehicle driver for the next few days. He comes bearing gifts! I like him so much. Coffee, tea and cookies await us while he loads the bags. Did I mention I liked him?  We pass a host of animals on the 20 minute drive to the campsite. 

So gorgeous! It’s just an incredible sight to see them in their natural habitat. I’ll never look at a zoo the same way again. 

We check-in and they load our luggage into our tents. Yep, tents! It’s the coolest tent you have ever seen. This is no Coleman. Running water, queen bed, hanging lightbulb… not like the bring-your-own-toilet-paper camping i’ve done. 

We rest and freshen up, then we’re off to see the animals! I zip up my tent so that the monkeys don’t steal my stuff. Seriously, they’re little thieves! I saw them stealing from my neighbor’s tent! Sorry panties, you belong to the monkeys now. 

We return from the afternoon safari at sunset for a rest time, then dinner. I freshen up again and I am famished! I am being totally honest here… the food was AMAZING. It is probably in part that I was really hungry, and i’d been in Africa for over a week already eating things that aren’t always, shall we say, agreeable.

After dinner we head to the campfire where tea and coffee are served again, which I love. Our entertainment for tonight is some Masai Tribe people (who live nearby in huts) that are going to do a dance for us.

Oh no. I know that look! This one particular gentleman is looking right at me with an all too familiar look of “Oh yes you’ll do perfectly!” I’m waiting for the bartering to begin for how many camels I’m worth. 

I am selected to be his dance partner for the festivities, and refusing is not an option. Believe me, I did EVERYTHING I could to hide from him, but to no avail. We danced together for some time and I have to admit I had fun. It was weird and quite unpleasant in odor, but overall it was really great. 

Wakeup call is 6am with more coffee. This obsession with coffee is making my world go round! It’s dark but I know that’s when the “good” animals come out. There’s been monkeys banging on top of my tent all night long! Little devils! One in particular is the mastermind of the operation and he is trying to be sneaky and get into my tent! 

Each day brought new surprises. We saw Elephants, Rhinos (which apparently are rare these days to see), Hippos, Warthogs, Crocs, Wildebeest, Antelope, Hyenas, Leopards, Cheetahs, Lions, and even a Badger. It’s a place I will never ever forget.