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In lieu of actual children at this phase in my life, I like to think of my dear sweet Chihuahua as my child. No, I’m not nuts… but when you think about it, somehow it all makes sense.

I don’t have children. I live alone. I schlepp her around with me everywhere. Her Grandma spoils her ridiculously and I have to lecture her about making her fat. I use that “baby talk” voice when speaking to her. I buy her clothes and toys. She flies on planes with me everywhere I travel. I talk to fellow passengers about her and beam with pride.

Yep. She’s pretty much my kid.

I woke up one morning and she had wedged herself between my pillow and my comforter. That little sneaky monster!

She was pretty mad at me for this Santa costume. This was Christmas Day 2010 and that snow was fresh Okie powder.

When I decided years ago to get a dog, I researched all sorts of breeds before settling on a Longhaired Chi. Then I began the hunt for THE puppy, not just any puppy… she had to be special.

How could anyone NOT fall in love with that little furry ball?? As soon as I laid eyes on her I just knew… she was perfect.

She was 12 weeks old here and her name was “Porsha” and she lived wayyyyyyyyy out in the sticks of Oklahoma in BFE. She was kept behind from the litter as a breeding dog because she was so pretty, but by 12 weeks she was only 1 pound and going to be too small to have puppies.

SCORE! She was only online for two days before I found her and scooped her up

She really does keep me entertained with all of her little antics and Ella-ness. She HATES the bath, which never fails to make me laugh.

I wouldn’t trade her for anything. People have tried to buy her from me… and the answer is always the same. She is part of my family and no monetary value can be placed on that. I love you Elmo!! Even though sometimes you’re a little butt-head, you’re still MY little butt-head.