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So… If you’ve ever spent more than 10 minutes with me, you will know that I LOVE food. Like seriously deep love affair with it.

This love affair with food has been my entire life. I am a foodie to my core and i’m a pretty good cook. Unfortunately, most people who are good cooks and foodies have the cellulite to match. That’s the part no one likes.

I am blessed to also love food in another way though… a good way! I love delicious foods. Foods in whole form. I love a crisp, ripe apple that’s just right. I love plain Greek yogurt (I have my Lebanese side to thank for that). I could eat fresh berries every single day and never tire of it. Flax makes my colon dreams come true.

I love all foods! Being a good thing and often a bad thing. I could drown in a pool of cheesecake. That’s the downside.

However, as I get older I realize more and more that food affects how we feel, our overall health and more than anything… HOW WE AGE! YES!! Our diet directly affects how quickly we age! That was really the tipping point for me folks. AGING. 

As you may already know, I love skin care and everything to do with it. I’ll go into more detail on that point later on… i’ve had some recent endeavors that will definitely require some photos to share with you. 🙂

I read a few books about Clean Eating over this Christmas break and I’m really full frontal embracing the concept. I’m ready to take on the world with my healthy diet! 

Christmas season is nearly impossible to eat 100% whole, healthy foods… but with a little willpower and culinary creativity, you can come pretty darn close.

I will say that on Christmas Eve we were celebrating my mom’s birthday at The Cheesecake Factory. I ate SO good! No bread basket (even though I adore the brown kind) and I had a Skinnyluscious Grilled Chicken Salad with tons of veggies and black beans from the under 490 calorie menu. Buttttttttttttttttttt my mom got a piece of Peppermint Bark Cheesecake for dessert for her bday and I caved. 

Let me just say this… It was worth every calorie. Ahhhhhhhhh-mazing! Life changing flavors! Holy moly. Seriously I’m drooling just thinking about it.

Other than that… I did pretty good this holiday season. A few mishaps and an occasional chocolate binge from some sap who sent my parents a gourmet chocolate truffle basket.

I helped myself a lot by cooking meals at home. Not really going wild… but making things like baked squash fries and having lots leftover for quick reheat. Or by eating Oat Bran every day to give me a quick fiber boost. (I love me some fiber!!!!!!!)

I can definitely say that I feel SO good when I eat well. The first few days didn’t make much change in my thoughts about it… but as more time goes by I realize that my moments of falling off the wagon really make me feel like crap afterward. I used one of my cheat meals for a burger and fries. Ohhhhh it was delicious! But seriously within 10 minutes I felt so greasy and icky. I literally felt like a needed a shower!

This is just the beginning of the Clean Eating train… but i’m sure i’ll be sharing more about it in the future.