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I love to travel. I’d say most people I know would agree with me. Or they haven’t really traveled much, but they WANT to.

Well, I was thinking recently how many countries i’ve visited and decided to actually sit down and add it up. It was a fun little exercise. I discoveered the number was actually higher than I thought it was.

Granted, I counted places I have been even if it was a short time. But none the less, I was on the soil. If my feet touched the ground or my passport was stamped, then I was there. In-between airports don’t count, unless I was OUTSIDE standing on the soil. Icky airport AC does NOT count as being there.

The List:

Grand total: 34

Places I still want to visit: endless! I have a long list.


  • Ireland (yes, I was there for 1/2 day, so I want to go for a week)
  • Spain
  • Paris, France (again- you can’t get enough!)
  • Israel (I will do this someday, no doubt!)
  • Argentina
  • Bali (Hut vacation, baby!)
  • South Africa (I want to stay in the tree-top safari place)
  • Egypt (again, was on the ground for 1 hour- I want to see the pyramids!)
  • Switzerland (Uh, duh- must see the Alps!)
  • Portugal (GREAT wines, must taste!)

There are more, but that’s the short list.

This would totally be me- the chronic over-packer!

What are some of your favorite places you’ve been? What is still on your bucket list?