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I’m sure most of you have caught an episode or two of The Golden Girls in your lifetime. Those sweet, funny old ladies that have a unique bond and a specific funny role to play in the household.

First, there’s Blanche- whose house they all inhabit. She’s a bit on the loose side and somewhat selfish, but always there when you need her.

Then there is Rose. Dear, sweet, innocent and the epitome of a dumb blonde. This poor woman is the butt of every joke.

Dorothy is the most sophisticated and often the leader of the escapades. She’s witty, sarcastic and spends most of her time keeping up with her mother.

Sophia is 90 pounds of fire. She’s always in trouble and has the mouth of a sailor. She never has a problem telling anyone exactly how she feels.

What you may not know is how that applies to my dog Ella, my mom’s dog Coco, and my sisters’ dog Zuko Baby. Let me explain. Each of the three dogs have specific characteristics of one of the Golden Girls. Uncanny resemblance to a specific gal.


Ella is pretty, loves attention, prefers men to women, and has a love slave to speak of. You probably don’t want to know the details of that one…

She is Blanche.

Zuko Baby

Zuko is darling and lovable with a distinctly crooked underbite, but we worry that her elevator doesn’t always reach the top floor. Subtle hints are completely lost on her, and she wouldn’t intentionally hurt a fly.

She is Rose.

Coco Chanel

Coco is the leader of the pack. She makes the rules. She is always the Alpha. She is sweet when she needs to be but tough as leather when someone crosses the line. She, too, spends a quality amount of her time chasing around her mother.

She is Dorothy.

There is just one thing missing… Where is Sophia?

Where is that wild card who always makes you laugh and never has any tact? Where is that pint sized grouch that you can always count on to be the life of the party? Where is that white haired Sicilian Granny who could talk her way out of a paper bag? 

We don’t have one! We need Sophia Petrillo! Do you know where we can find Sophia? Are you lucky enough to have Sophia in your own home?

If you have unlocked the mystery of the missing old lady, please post a picture immediately so that we can call escaped-grannies-anonymous and return her to the pack!

Her three comrades need her wisdom and attitude. What would they be without their Sophia??