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Ok, it’s official. I over-pack like the best of them. I NEVER go under the limit. Over, over, over!

It’s part of who I am. Part of my charm, as I like to say. ๐Ÿ™‚

But as someone who literally travels ALL the time and lives out of suitcases, I really SHOULD learn to pack less.

Nah. Never gonna happen.

Instead, I thought i’d share some secrets and must-haves from all my travels domestic and abroad.

On-board Must-haves:

  • Electronics of all sorts (Laptop, phone, kindle… bring it all baby!)
  • DVD’s of choice (if you don’t download)- I like TV series’ for plane rides
  • chargers for said electronics (delays mean used batteries… I always hand carry my chargers)
  • a sweater (you never know if it’s gonna be super cold in the plane or if you’re going to get stranded overnight with no luggage in Chicago in January in a sundress heading for Africa! Yes, that really did happen to me.)
  • Magazines that are worth their weight in your bag (Glamour, StyleWatch, Cosmo, Shape… pick your poison people)
  • a sleu of food choices (I like ProBars, fruits and an avocado)
  • Stevia (I just keep this in my purse all the time)
  • spare undies (again, stranded overnight in the same pair does not make me happy!!!)
  • a blank notecard (you might need to write a thank-you at some point!)
  • my entire makeup bag (with a teeny tiny face lotion sample inside)
  • my entire jewelry bag (safe keeping!)
  • If it’s warm, I hand carry a big floppy hat or a cute little straw fedora

The Main Event:

  • 1 Regular day, 1 night purse/clutch, as well as 1 “long day walking” purse- AKA one with a strap that is light and won’t kill my shoulders after a long day (so, 3 total)
  • HOT: 2-5 sundresses, 2-3 pairs of shorts and 2 bathing suits
  • COLD: 2-3 oversized sweaters, boots, 2 thick scarves
  • regular weight cardigan that will go with everything (like grey or black)
  • 2-4 pairs of jeans (depending on destination and season)
  • sandals for anything remotely warm- I usually pack a gold leather pair and a black leather pair
  • socks (I don’t like being barefoot ever)
  • workout gear and tennis shoes to follow
  • casual bras for lounging around in laziness
  • 2-3 pairs of PJ pants or PJ shorts
  • 3-4 t-shirts for generic usage
  • one really nice outfit for any usage (one nice cocktail dress or really sparkly shirt with jeans and heels, etc.)
  • basic pair of heels that will go with anything- I always go with black pumps
  • wedges for spring/summer
  • 1 pair of plain black hose as a dressy backup, 2-3 pairs fun tights if it’s cold
  • undergarments as needed, I even over-pack those too!
  • light spring/summer scarves to change up plain outfits
  • 3-6 regular day shirts that can be layered if it’s cold
  • 2-4 light silk blouses for dressier days/evenings

My real-life suitcase

Gigantic Cosmetic Bag

  • La Roche Posay Toleraine face wash
  • La Mer sample sized face cream
  • La mer sample sized eye balm (I just ask the counter people for a sample)
  • Elta MD face sunscreen (my beloved!)
  • Lavinila mineral body sunscreen (yes, those two are different for me!)
  • Lancome eye makeup remover
  • toothbrush/toothpaste
  • mini Listerine
  • deodorant
  • body lotion (can’t trust the crappy hotel kind folks!)
  • mini Fekkai glossing shampoo and conditioner (yes, I have my faves and I won’t budge)
  • baby sized Clarisonic
  • full sized can of Pureology working hairspray (I would take a mini if they made one)
  • Fresh Sugar lip scrup (no one wants dry travel lips!)
  • more lip balm than one person needs in a lifetime
  • perfume samples as well as one bottle Jo Malone 1oz fragrance
  • Tiny bottle of Moroccan Oil
  • mini-can of Paul Mitchell mousse
  • my favorite Olivia Garden paddle brush (those mini ones are too hard for long hair!)
  • blow dryer (if the hotel doesn’t have one for me to use)
  • Chi straightener (a must… always)
  • Spin Pins for a quick up-do
  • bobby pins and hair ties by the multitudes

This is me on an actual trip I took to Central America and that's actually my real Passport

I usually roll up the bottom layer of heavier items (like jeans and thick sweaters) and gently lay the delicate scarves on the top. I try to stuff my shoes with t-shirts or socks if possible. My hanging clothes are in the upper separate compartment of my suitcase and they stay on my own velvety hangers so they’re easy to just remove and hang.

I would love to hear your tips for packing! Maybe I could learn to apply some! Hahaha. Please share your experiences! I want to hear your funnies, oops moments, thoughts, stories, stranded with no spare undies… everything! ๐Ÿ˜€