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I have found the absolute BEST liquid eyeliner in the world. As you probably do not know, I have the dreaded hooded eye that ruins all traces of beautiful artistry I may or may not have created that morning. Along with the fact that I have oily eyelids, (yes, I had to research that to come to the conclusion!) makeup just doesn’t stay on my lids well, let alone an eyeliner. Even the very best “waterproof” or “smudge-proof” are NO MATCH for my baby blues.

So, after much frustration, I set out to find one that really would stay longer than the rest of the competition. Not even joking- I went through Sephora and tried EVERY LIQUID LINER THEY HAD IN THE ENTIRE STORE to no avail. No matter what they said it could/would do- it didn’t.

Next stop: Bloomingdales to my trusty YSL lady for help. We did the same thing- gathered EVERY liquid liner in the store- grand total 16 and tested them with my very own patented oily hooded eyelid test.

They battled hard for first place, but finally the winner emerged. Drum roll…………..

Estee Lauder Double Wear Liquid Eyeliner Pen. HOLY COW it was amazing. It finally won the gold medal after it not only did not smudge or smear AT ALL during our test, but when I used Lancome eye makeup remover and wiped off my 16 different lines on various oily parts of my body- the Double Wear did not budge.

No, this is not me. 🙂 Ha! But doesn’t this woman have great lashes?

I told Karen (my YSL lady) that I wanted something that would need paint thinner to remove- and we succeeded. Finally the third eye makeup remover we used got it off with a little soaking time.

Oh, one more thing! The remover that finally worked to get the incredible Sherwin Williams liner off my skin was Estee Lauder Total Makeup Remover.

After my 2 hour Bloomingdales journey to the yellow brick road of makeup counters, I have finally found the world’s longest wearing eyeliner.

Thought i’d share…. perhaps you have an amazing wonder product to share?? 🙂