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I travel a lot. A LOT. A LOT LOT LOT. I travel domestically and internationally, by way of planes, trains and automobiles.

So naturally, I have sort-of perfected the art of packing what I REALLY need. Ok, let me re-phrase that. I overpack like mad, but I ALWAYS HAVE what I REALLY need. And then some.

I don’t wash my face. Ever. I have used the Oil Cleansing Method for some time now and I am completely in love. I will never wash my face again as long as I live.

In case you’re unfamiliar with the Oil Cleansing Method, click this link to my post about OCM.


Anyway, I recently flew to Florida, drove from there to Alabama, then Mississippi, then into Louisiana. From Louisiana I flew back home. So you can imagine my bags take quite a beating.

To prepare for this, I always pack my liquids in multiple ziploc bags and then keep them inside my toiletry bag. Just to be extra careful with my special facial oil blend, I took even more measures than I usually do.

To my chagrin I open my bag in Florida and find that my cleansing oil that has to last me through my entire week’s trip has leaked, more like exploded in my bag. S#@$!

I am beyond upset. Not only did the bottle leak (thank you Walgreens brand travel bottles- I hate you) but this oil managed to leak through not one, but TWO zip top bags, AND through my canvas toiletry bag… finally making a 10.0 landing on my actual suitcase lining. Awesome.

Needless to say, that plan failed. Miserably.

Once I got home I decided I was going to make it my personal mission to find the BEST leak-proof bottles for oils known to man. I am not about to go through that again. My oil blend is NOT cheap! Plus, oil doesn’t exactly come out of everything. Ugh.

Ladies and gentlemen… I give you:

The GoToob. Has to be the worst name ever… but MAN they’re AMAZING! I tested these babies in my own home version of Myth Busters. I filled it with my oil blend and dropped it, banged it around, squeezed it with the cap on, submerged it in water… you name it, I tried it. These passed my tests with FLYING colors!

Let me warn you ahead of time- they are quite expensive for such a small bottle! I read the reviews and almost fell over when I saw how pricey they were. But after the oil disaster from my last trip, I really didn’t have any choice. I thought these reviewers were exaggerating, but they weren’t. These little bottles hold up to the hype.

I took it on a trip recently to 6 different states in a week… that’s a LOT of baggage slinging if you can imagine! These get my personal endorsement.